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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Duck you autocorrect!

So I have a dumb-phone. Not a smart phone. My phone is a Motorola, about 4yrs old, just starting to fall apart. New phones have 'autocorrect'. My phone has a vastly limited dictionary spawned in some other country, that fails to recognize even basic common words like 'Walmart' and 'taco'.
It would be nice if it had some memory or function devoted to allowing me to ADD new words to the dictionary, but the creators of this phone did not feel a need to offer that feature, instead they wanted to make sure to add 'minesweeper'.

Which brings us to yesterday's texts.

Me: This phone is so stupid. It keeps changing "thats" to "thatq". WHICH IS NOT A WORD.

Hubby: Are you SURE thatq is not a word?


Him: I asked my phone. (He has a Samsung smarty smart phone. It's only flaw is a tendency to run out of battery without warning, and cut off his call, JUST before I hit the punchline of a joke.) It says "thatq" is NOT a word. Your predictive text is messed up.

Me: My predictive text can't even SPELL predictive text.
      SRSLY. I had to sit there, in the parkinglot, and punch in 'predictive text' one letter at a time.

Him: LOL I'm sorry, but that's funny.

Me: Just wait til tell it I want to cook human.

Him: WHAT?

Me: GUMBO. duck this phone!

Him: LOL

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