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Friday, June 28, 2013

What Dreams May Come...

I have a lot of weird conversations with Hubby. We value wit, debate, and discussion... When that fails I accuse him of bizarre crimes. Especially the crime of being frugal.

The most entertaining conversation recently happened while he was asleep.

3am, in bed, out of the blue, Hubby declares in a clear carrying voice.

Him: "Yes, I want two cheeses. Make that cheddar, ranch and jalapenos..."

Me: "Honey! You are IN BED. You cannot order a sandwich from your bedroom!"

Him: "You've just crushed my dreams."

The best part is the only thing he remembers is accusing me of crushing his dreams.

Later, during the day.
Me: "So YOUR DREAM is to be able to order a sandwich. In bed."

Him: "It doesn't even have to be in bed! It's probably a symbol of how much I wish I could eat lunch."

Me: "That's a sad sad statement about life."

Him: "Isn't it though?"

Maybe one of these days I'll have to bring that man a sandwich.

1 comment:

  1. oh my, that's too funny. :)

    And yes, it's a sad truth how hard it is to eat lunch at work. My poor hubby is often eating just a couple of hours before he is off at 5. Then he's not hungry for dinner. Grrr.

    It sure is fun to surprise them at work, though!