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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's wrong with a ninja baby?

This isn't a real post, but I'm sore from all this endless expanding baby wants to do, and people were so amused by my machete story that I should probably talk about the swords now.

First, background. My house has plenty of SPACE for all of us, it's just an odd design. The two largest bedrooms are upstairs, along with the main living area and kitchen and a bathroom. We have two more bedrooms downstairs, but they're completely isolated from the other two. Thus, we're going to be sharing rooms with the baby since the six year old is a bit too young to live in the basement by herself.

So I posted this photo last weekend...
Just finished making room in the bedroom for baby!
It should be obvious, the crib's going between the bookshelf (looming shadow) and the end table, and then I can make some space on the shelves for baby stuff. 

The first response I got: "You're putting the baby under the swords?"

Dude, the swords are like 6 ft off the ground. If the baby COULD reach the swords he'd have to be some kind of ninja, and after all, they ARE ninja swords, so if the baby just somehow FLEW up, climbing the wall parkour style, grabbed a sword, and then landed, I'd be like "See, it was your destiny. Congrats, the swords are yours."

Apparently people were worried about the swords FALLING. Well, THAT is simply not an issue, besides the fact that I live no where near any sort of earthquake zone, that rack is really solid. It came as a table display, and with some brackets, bolts, a level and some straps,  those things are SECURE. It was one of those things my husband demanded when it came to displaying swords in a home with a six year old. (Seriously, you are all paranoid.)

I mentioned people's comments to Hubby.

Me: "People don't like the idea of the swords hanging above the baby."
Him: "Huh. Spoilsports."
Me: "Seriously! Besides, it could be like some subconscious motivational tool."
Him: "How's that?"
Me: "Our child could grow up to be a ninja! He or she KICKS hard enough. With the swords there it would be like, 'Look to your destiny! Someday, if you are worthy, the swords shall be yours!' "

Him: "Is there a job market for ninjas?"
Me: "You know... I have no idea. At least I'm not making the baby a mobile out of W2's and subconsciously urging the baby to be a TAX ACCOUNTANT. That would be weird."
Him: "Most definitely."

In an unrelated note, my highly creative daughter has a half dozen imaginary brothers and sisters. Two of them are ninjas. She tells me about how they leap from tree to tree, and ride on the roof of our car. They also go to ninja school, and were 'born to be ninjas'. 

Even the six year old has a concrete understanding of ninjas. Trust me, you don't want to stand between a ninja and his/her destiny.

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